Join the Fam

If you're looking for a home, a fam, where you can settle in, have fun and earn a little moolah, you've come to the right place! We call our affiliates fam (family) for a reason. We're a tight-knit group and realize that we are only as successful as the entire team, our fam, is successful. It's not just about one person. It's about the strength of the fam. Our fam feel and strength comes from just a few basic guidelines and company strategies that you should know:
  • We have one HUGE rule….No drama, in any form. We are about success, support and creating a strong family bond at JJCBC!
  • We are not MLM. We have an affiliate program.
  • We will have controlled growth. We will onboard and maintain a small number of affiliates, and we will assess how many will be added to our JJCBC fam periodically, while we keep an eye on inventory and production needs. Inventory is a beast and we want to be able to stay on top of it.
  • We’re keeping it fun. There will be fam challenges, games, and hopefully a fam reunion down the road.


The Earning Plan:

  • Base pay is 20% of each customer sale
  • Goal-Getter pay is 25% of customer sales from $1500-$2999.99
  • Boss Pay is 30% of customer sales at $3k+

As your sales grow during the month, your percentage grows. If that ain’t incentive, I don’t know what is!

The Bonuses:

10% of your front-line fam sales each month

Grow your front line/first level fam members and when they perform, you reap the bonuses!

Fam challenges and games will bring more bonus opportunities!

Knock our socks off and be invited to choose or create new scents and products.

The Product:

JJCBC offers a line of a variety of paraben and cruelty free products that can be used from head to toe. We’re not called Body Co. for no reason! The majority, if not all, of the products are made in the USA, with essential oils, some organic and natural ingredients.

We will also include handmade products from other small brands that have amazing options, but JJCBC will always be our focus.

Are you ready for a wild ride and a good time with JJCBC? We're ready to have you as a part of the fam!