Silicone Body Brush


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A silicone body brush works similarly to a dry brush, in that it helps to exfoliate dry skin. The material is soft and gentle on the skin, yet durable and long lasting.

However, this silicone brush has a few unique features that you might want to know about if you are shopping for a dry brush.

1. Use a Silicone Body Brush Wet and Dry

You can use this brush wet or dry. The longer bristles lather soap well in the shower and are soft enough that you can use them on the entire body, including the face.

Body brushing also works to stimulate blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system to detox. Many people incorporate this practice into their daily morning routine to keep their skin healthy, smoother and more vibrant looking. (Not to mention, it feels good too.)

2. Dual-Sides Multi-Functioning Brush

Second, this body brush has two sides with dual functionality. As mentioned above, you can get a great lather using the long bristled side. In addition, you can use the reverse side to exfoliate dry skin and reduce cellulite.

This multi-function body brush can take on a lot of tasks, so you don’t have to buy multiple loofahs, sponges and brushes. 

3. Silicone is a Natural, Non-Toxic Material

Unlike plastic, silicone is a natural and safe material that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. In nature, you can find it in organic materials like sand, quartz and rock.

4. Silicone is Easy to Clean and Keep Clean

Fourth, silicone resists bacteria and is super hygienic. It cleans easily, plus you can boil it in hot water to disinfect it if you want.

Even though you can use a natural bristle dry brush in the shower, it takes longer for boar hair or cactus bristles to dry out. Moreover, stuff doesn’t get stuck as easily in silicone as it can in wet boar hair.

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